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In Madhya Pradesh, dead man comes back to life


Himanshu Bharadwaj, a Madhya Pradesh man who was declared dead by doctors and sent for post-mortem, quite literally, came back to life today.

The miracle of sorts happened in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.

Bharadwaj was taken to a hospital in Nagpur where he underwent treatment for injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident. He was declared brain-dead there and was shifted to Chhindwara district hospital.

Bharadwaj was referred to Nagpur from Chhindwara’s Anand Hospital. After declaring him brain-dead, the hospital in Nagpur referred him back to Chhindwara. A report said that Bharadwaj had no pulse on his way back and that he wasn’t breathing.

At the Chhindwara District Hospital, Dr Thakur requested another doctor to take a look at the patient. Bharadwaj was examined again, but he had no pulse still and wasn’t breathing. He was declared dead and the body was kept in the mortuary for post-mortem.

This morning, just before post-mortem procedures began, it was found that Bharadwaj was breathing and that his pulse was back. He was taken to a ward for treatment”, Dr CK Godam told ANI.

Bharadwaj is now stable and has been referred to Nagpur, again, for better treatment.



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