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Why Rajinikanth’s debut as a politician was better than that of Kamal Haasan


Superstar Rajinikanth made the New Year special when he announced that he was going to start his political party.

However, after the announcement, there was not much action from his side except the launch for the launch of the Rajini Mandram website which saw a record number of 50,000 registrations in a day.

Apart from that, it looked like he was taking a backseat. On the other hand, Kamal Haasan, his on-screen and political rival announced his party name and ideologies in a grand manner at the meeting held at Madurai on February 21 this year, nearly two months after Rajini’s first announcement.

Even in films, Rajini has always remained an underdog, while Kamal Haasan pounces on his opportunities with vigour. Naturally, it was typical of Rajini to take one step at a time and speak only when it was absolutely necessary.

However, Rajini’s debut political speech was a winner. So much so, that it was even better than Kamal Haasan’s maiden political speech.

This sure has come as a shocker to many who brushed Rajinikanth as an outsider. From apologising for his fans’ mistakes to addressing criticisms about him, Thalaiavar handled everything with elan.

Rajinikanth was invited to unveil the statue of legendary political icon MG Ramachandran at Maduravoyal on Monday. And this meeting was a fascinating debut for Rajinikanth; one that marked a spectacular launch for his career.

As always, his overenthusiastic fans erected huge hoardings in praise of Rajinikanth, ignoring the High Court order. Thalaivar began his speech by apologising for the hindrance caused, and also humbly requested his fans to adhere to the court’s order in future.

Now, that’s a great quality. A leader realising his fans’ mistakes and apologising for the same is a quality we seldom see in politicians. Our politicians know the art of dodging questions whenever they are criticised for their grave mistakes.

Secondly, criticisms about Rajinikanth following spiritual politics were stacked up against him. To which, he reiterated that his version of politics will be non-casteist, truthful and secular.

When Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth announced their respective entries in politics, the common question that popped up in everyone’s mind was, “Where were you when Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi were around?”

Both the superstars stated that the democracy in Tamil Nadu is at stake. But Rajinikanth spelled it out said, “I want to fill the vacuum now. Tamil Nadu definitely needs good leadership and I want to fill that place.”




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